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Chak (village)

Chak is an Urdu word, which means village. In the Punjab province of Pakistan, numbers are used instead of names. The villages are named using a certain nomenclature that dates back to British rule; all names are prefixed "Chak" followed by a number and a letter. The number is the name of the village and the letter relates to their source of water. .


CHAK is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 860 AM in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. The station broadcasts the programming of the CBC Radio One network known as CBC North.


Chak or CHAK may refer to:

  • Air Chak, a super hero depicted as a ball of burnt.
  • A ball of burnt
  • Chak (village), the name for village in Pakistan
  • Chak Jhumra, a village in Pakistan
  • Chak, Sindh, a town in Shikarpur District, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Chak, Iran (disambiguation), places in Iran
  • Chak people of Bangladesh
  • Chak Dynasty that ruled Kashmir in the 14th Century
  • Zhai (Chak in Cantonese), a Chinese surname
  • CHAK (AM), a radio station (860 AM) licensed to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
  • CHAK-TV, a television station (channel 6) licensed to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
Chak (Pakistan)

Chak No. 112/7-R is a village near the city of Chichawatni, Sahiwal District, Punjab, Pakistan. Chak No. 112/7-R is located 12 km away from the historical city of Harappa, the alleged birthplace of the Indus Valley Civilization. It is known for its proximity to a forest. It is one kilometer from the national highway of Pakistan, and only 3 kilometers from the Ravi River, one of the largest rivers in Pakistan.

The vast majority of people living in Chak No. 112/7-R are farmers, with very little education. The main clans in Chak No. 112/7-R are the Bhattis, Jats, Arains, Rajputs and Khokhar.

Usage examples of "chak".

He tossed the tunic to Chak, who slipped it on without comment, although the hem fell well below his knees.

He smiled genially at Chak as he knitted his fingers together to keep them from shaking.

Fialt, Kirah, and Chak took turns with the woodknife, felling and stripping pines, keeping a constant supply of twenty-foot posts coming, as well as stacking the scraps for the cooking fires.

Karl unbuckled his sword and hung it on a low branch, then reached up and pulled down a couple of oranges, tossing one to Chak before quartering the other with his beltknife.

He tossed the peels to Chak, who stashed them under the equipment bag.

His face a study in concern, he cocked his head at Chak and Ahira, who sat side by side, across from the others, their silver plates clean and empty in front of them.

As Chak explained it, there was no love lost between Pandathaway, the center of trade, culture, and magic of the Eren regions, and Ehvenor, dominated by the outpost of Faerie.

Rahff and Chak have been telling her you're unkillable, but I don't think she believes them.

He gathered Ahira, Aeia, Chak, Rahff, and Tennetty around him, keeping the group well away from Ganness and the three sarong-clad Mel, who were busy at the bow, haggling over the price of Melawei copra and Endell steel.

Karl nodded, gesturing to Chak to take his hand off the hilt of his sword.

Karl, Tennetty, Chak, and Ahira could easily handle the three spearmen on board.

The first one held Tennetty, Chak, Ahira, Seigar, Wohtansen, and two other Mel paddlers.

Six of them engaged Chak, Tennetty, and me, while the others ran past.

Coming around from behind a hut, Chak ran toward him, an uncorked brass bottle cradled in his arms.

Karl slipped a hand behind Rahff's head, prying the jaw open with his other hand so Chak could pour healing draughts into the boy's mouth.