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Chait, also transliterated as Khait, is a Jewish family name, from , Tailor. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arkady Khait, Soviet comedy and script writer
  • Baruch Chait, Jewish religious composer and author
  • Boris Chait, head of Israel Skating Federation
  • Galit Chait, skate dancer
  • Jonathan Chait, American columnist and political writer
  • Lawrence G. Chait, American advertising executive who was a pioneer in mail order sales

Category:Hebrew-language surnames

Chait (disambiguation)

Chait is a Hebrew surname.

Chait may also refer to:

  • Chait (Nepali calendar), a Nepali month
  • Chaitra, Hindu calendar month

Usage examples of "chait".

He decided otherwise: Chait was no doubt inside the van with the Chinese honcho.

The diatribes by liberals like Chait, who not only hated Bush but also ridiculed him as a dullard.

T'ree human crathures skinned, and you not satisfied, and so ye'll chait a bit to make 'em four!