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Chah (Cameroon)

Chah or Cha is a village in Northwest Province of Cameroon that was abandoned after the death of its inhabitants in 2005. The cause has been attributed to an eruption of carbon dioxide from nearby Lake Nyos.

A recurrence is believed to be possible, even likely, and there are additional concerns about the stability of the natural rock wall that holds back the lake water.

The area is reported as being highly fertile and for this reason, there are pressures to resettle the area, despite the great natural risks.

Usage examples of "chah".

Chah Bahar, but the four of us arriving for no obvious reason would stir up a lot of Secret Police and military questions.

He was a highly respected man in Chah Bahar, and had the full respect of the local authorities, and the military units posted to the town.

We got word today from Don Stroh that our men, Guns Franklin and Joe Douglas, are now somewhere near the nuclear facility north of the town of Chah Bahar in Iran.

Friday, October 28 1040 hours Safe house Chah Bahar, Iran Joe Douglas dug the sleep out of his eyes with a pair of HE fraggers and stared at the new day.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30 1523 hours Hill country north of Chah Bahar, Iran Franklin gunned the engine as soon as everything was loaded in the Citroen, but Douglas waved him off.

Monday, October 31 0330 hours Hill country north of Chah Bahar, Iran Guns Franklin and Joe Douglas pushed up another ridge in the middle of an unending series of hills that all worked upward toward the saddle mountain.

Tuesday, November 1 2010 hours Hill country north of Chah Bahar Iran Joe Douglas looked at Franklin where he lay in the shelter on the side of the gully.

Wednesday, November 2 1734 hours Near nuclear bomb plant Chah Bahar, Iran The helicopter with the Iranian flag on the sides made three sweeps across the barren saddle between the two mountains, hesitated as if for a third look, then drifted to the north and swept down a valley, and out of sight of the seventeen SEALS.

Wednesday, November 2 2021 hours Nuclear bomb facility Chah Bahar, Iran Three more SEALs charged outside through the rear door, and went prone behind a car and a trailer.

Wednesday, November 2 2100 hours Nuclear bomb factory Chah Bahar, Iran General Reza Ruhollah had been outside his commandeered headquarters at the bomb plant and on his way to where his men reported a firefight was in progress with aggressors.

He would call Tehran at once and order the largest plane that could land at the dirt strip at Chah Bahar to bring in paratroopers.

Friday, November 4 0820 hours Nuclear bomb plant Hills north of Chah Bahar, Iran General Reza Ruhollah stared at the colonel who had commanded this facility until the heathens attacked it.

Friday, November 4 2244 hours Landing zone in hills Near Chah Bahar, Iran Murdock watched as Magic and Kat both ran to the open door of the Seahawk while the rotors whirled.

At ten miles from Chah Bahar, McLanahan and Jamieson launched the next two missiles--these were AGM-88 HARMs (High-speed Anti-Radiation Missiles), supersonic radar seekers loaded with a 150-pound conventional high-explosive warhead with tungsten alloy steel cubes embedded in the explosive to triple the warhead's destructive power.

Yet you did not think it necessary to notify me or your field commanders of information of an impending attack on the aircraft carrier battle group or on Chah Bahar Naval Base--an attack that was conducted by an attack aircraft owned by the Emir of Dubai himself, flown by UAE commandos in the employ of the Emir of Dubai?