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The Chagis also known as the Sagis or Tyagis who were Suryavanshi Kshatriyas & also were the rulers of Natavadi ( Nellore District) and Vijyavativishayas ( Krishna District) with capitals at Gudimetta ( Prakasam District), Vijayananda, and Vinukonda ( Guntur District), at different times for nearly three centuries and a half with interregnums in the middle. The Chagi dynasty owed nominal allegiance to the Cholas, the Kakatiyas and the Gajapatis. The rulers were warriors and administrators and de facto independent rulers. Their kingdom was fairly large and made significant political achievements compared to other dynasties in Vengi at the time. They had their own coinage and contracted diplomatic alliances of marriage with the Kakatiyas and the Kondapadamati chiefs of Durjaya clan, Haihayas of Palnadu and the Telugu Cholas. The Kakatiya King Ganapati Deva's sister Melambika was married to the second son of Chagi Buddaraju, who was ruling Natavadi region.