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Usage examples of "chaga".

Nyandarua Station was moving down the eastern slopes of the Aberdare range: the Chaga was spread before me like a wedding kanga laid out on a bed.

It was not a very big Chaga, not like the Kilimanjaro Chaga that had swallowed Moshi and Arusha and all the big Tanzanian towns at the foot of the mountain and was now halfway to Nairobi.

I was thirteen and just a woman when the Chaga came to my world and destroyed it.

In four years the Chaga had swallowed up Kilimanjaro, and Amboseli, and the border country of Namanga and was advancing up the A104 on Kajiado and Nairobi.

Where the Chaga goes, the United Nations comes close behind, like a dog after a bitch.

The Chaga responded to stimuli and adapted to counterattacks on itself.

Do you think a country pastor has the answers that will stop the Chaga in its tracks and drive it back where it came from?

Always in the minds of the ones who remained was the day when we would look up the road and see the spines and fans and twisted spires of the Chaga standing along the ridge-line like warriors.

The road to the Chaga was easy to find, it was the direction no one else was going in.

The Chaga followed the ridges and the valleys, but that was all it had to do with our geography.

Byron said this Chaga was about five kilometers across and beginning to show the classic form, a series of circles.

The Chaga became real for me there, and I understood that it would eat my world.

He took us down into the Projection Room where computers drew huge plans on circular tables: of the Chaga now, the Chaga in five years time and the Chaga when it met with its brother from the south and both of them swallowed Nairobi like two old men arguing over a stick of sugar cane.

But I was thinking of an entire city, vanished beneath the bright colors of the Chaga like dirt trodden into carpet.

Here samples taken from the Chaga were stored inside sealed environments.