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With Feesa as her guide, she had begun a methodical study of the Chaf Envoy and its crew.

Formbi's staff, in contrast, consisted only of Feesa and two other members of the Chaf family.

He still didn't know what had gone wrong with the Chaf Envoy's lights and engines, but he suspected Drask would be perfectly justified in declaring a state of emergency and confining all non-Chiss to their quarters.

No one aboard Chaf Envoy cringed as she approached, hating and fearing her, or else welcomed her with the false courtesy of someone hoping to twist her authority to his own private ends.

Probably giving Estosh a running commentary on the ceremony, he decided, and found himself wondering why the young Geroon had been left aboard the Chaf Envoy in the first place.

He did have a comlink connected to the Chaf Envoy, but whoever had sprung this trap would surely have thought to jam their communications.

Bearsh slipped a few into the control lines aboard the Chaf Envoy and nearly shut it down.

But he'd expected the short robe-and-dead-animal-clothed beings they'd gotten used to seeing aboard the Chaf Envoy, not a fully equipped war party.

The first genuine smile, to the best of Fel's recollection, that any of the Chiss had given any of the Imperials since their arrival aboard the Chaf Envoy.

The fact that the Vagaari are using charrics and old Republic blasters against us implies they didn't bring any real weapons of their own, but had to loot the Chaf Envoy and D-Four's armory for what they needed.

Not until they could get back to the Chaf Envoy and its medical supplies, or else find a Chiss crewer with the same blood type.

And you certainly didn't need all these troops just to track the Chaf Envoy's path into the Redoubt.

Did I hear you say earlier that you caught the Vagaari wiring a recorder into the Chaf Envoy's navigational lines?

That falling cable that nearly knocked Luke across the room when we first came aboard the Chaf Envoy.

I can cut through the hull, climb up the pylon, and make my way cross-country to the Chaf Envoy.