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n. (context musici English) A kind of French bagpipe.


The chabrette or chabrette limousine (chabreta in Occitan Limousin) is a type of bagpipe native to the Limousin region of central France.

In Périgord, there is a pipe locally known as the chabrette which shares many features with the chabrette limousine (boîtier à miroir, hautbois à pavillon, materials, etc.), but also several distinct differences (petite taille donc tonalité aigüe, bourdon latéral à l'unisson du petit bourdon) which distinguish it from its "big sister" of Limousin.

The cabrette auvergnate (generally made in Paris currently) gradually replaced the native bagpipe in Limousin and other areas of the Massif Central. The musette berrichonne was played in the northeast of Limousin, in Creuse. Other bagpipes, locally made or imported, are played throughout the region.