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for the region on Io see Chaac-Camaxtli Region

Chaac (also spelled Chac or, in Classic Mayan, Chaahk ) is the name of the Maya rain deity. With his lightning axe, Chaac strikes the clouds and produces thunder and rain. Chaac corresponds to Tlaloc among the Aztecs.

Usage examples of "chaac".

Dressed in an evening suit, Chaac would have been a distinct credit to any banquet table in New York.

Doc was in conference with old King Chaac, benign sovereign of the lost clan of Maya.

King Chaac, Doc reflected, had waited a little too long before putting a firm hand upon Morning Breeze.

Doc and his five friends and King Chaac and entrancing Princess Monja turned away.

Doc spent in conversation with King Chaac, considering the elderly sovereign had never heard of a modern university, be had some remarkably accurate knowledge about the universe.

King Chaac decided things were normal enough to adopt Doc and his men into the tribe.

King Chaac was before them, showing where the incense should be placed.

King Chaac and the Princess Monja, down in the shelter of the large images on the pyramid top.

King Chaac had exerted pressure on the large Kukulcan idol beside the water tank that was always flowing.

Mayans, King Chaac, had said only he knew of the existence of this place.

He had about decided to go on alone with Monk and Johnny when King Chaac spoke again.

Mayan sovereign, Chaac, and his daughter, Monja, suddenly tried to get Doc out of the fight-rescue him.

King Chaac and Monja were forgiven, and commended as well, for their course of action.

Doc had left the Valley of the Vanished, he had arranged with King Chaac, chief of the Mayans, to listen in on a radio on every seventh day.

King Chaac was still erect, but his hair was whiter, his shoulders more bowed than when last he and Doc had met.