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CGL may refer to:

  • Carrier Grade Linux
  • Core OpenGL: Apple Computer's Macintosh Quartz windowing system interface to the Mac OS X implementation of the OpenGL specification
  • Conway's Game of Life
  • Chronic granulocytic leukemia, also known as Chronic myelogenous leukemia
  • Confederazione Generale del Lavoro
  • Commercial General Liability, a common type of liability insurance
  • Ceart Go Leor An Ghaeilge ar "O.K."
CGL (charity)

Change Grow Live (CGL) is a voluntary sector organisation specialising in drug and criminal justice intervention projects in England & Wales. All of its funding is statutory based. As of 2012 it employs over 1,800 workers and is supported by over 250 volunteers. CGL was formerly named Crime Reduction Initiative (CRI), but changed to its current name in 2016.

CGL is a national provider of support, treatment and rehabilitation programmes for those whose lives are blighted by substance misuse, crime and lack of opportunity.

CGL's service users include:

  • Adults and young people with substance misuse problems
  • People who are homeless and living and working on the streets
  • Offenders in prison and those serving community sentences
  • Families and communities affected by crime, substance misuse and anti social behaviour
  • Victims of domestic abuse

CGL's objective is to help individuals to improve their lives and achieve their full potential.

CGL offers a wide range of services to its clients: Key-work sessions, Counselling, Benefits and housing advice, Group therapies, Needle exchange, Sexual Health awareness, Medical assistance, Prescribing, Complementary therapies and general support in living a healthy and balanced life.

CGL works in partnership with a range of agencies to provide treatment and co-ordinated care pathways that include housing, employment, education and training.

In the 00-01 financial year CGL's income was £2.1m, in 11-12 it was £80.8m.