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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 2004, initialism (acronym) for computer-generated imagery.


CGI may refer to:

Usage examples of "cgi".

That it might be being generated via some sort of CGI, actors, sets and all, and entirely at the virtual hand of some secretive and perhaps unknown genius, has be-come a widespread obsession with a large faction of Progressives, and with many Completists as well, though the Completists necessarily put that in past tense.

The editing (a strength of the first two films) is inconsistent, as is the CGI, and cutting Saruman from the final third of the trilogy was not a terrific idea—without Christopher Lee to put a human face on evil, we are left with the Sauron's-flaming-eye dealie, which comes to acquire all the menace of one of those decorative electronic objets d'excess income that can be ordered from yuppie catalogs.

This is partially due to the fact that invincible (or nearly so) heroes are not terribly interesting, and further gives evidence of the repetitiveness of the choreography and an overuse of CGI and motion capture that turns the actors into obvious cartoons.

But the interior curve of the helmet's visor swarmed with CGI icons of sensor scopes, range finders and various indicators.

When they cleared a nanosecond later, he had CGI icons of sensor scopes, range finders and various indicators.

The fans themselves seem to be the strongest force in how professional a piece will look, since no one is going to learn how to rotoscope multiple light sabers or create CGI X-Wings on the fly over a weekend just because it sounds like a cool idea.