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init. (context computer graphics English) Color Graphics Adapter, an obsolete computer display standard preceding EGA and VGA, offering a palette of sixteen colours of which only a few could be displayed on screen at one time.


CGA may refer to:

  • California's Great America, an amusement park in Santa Clara, California
  • Central of Georgia Railway
  • CGA (Advanced Management Centre) (Spanish: ), an organization managing the Andalusian ICT schools Network
  • Certified General Accountant, the designation of professionals who are jointly members of the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canada) and a provincial or territorial CGA association, or a CGA association overseas
  • Ceylon Garrison Artillery, a former name for the Sri Lanka Artillery
  • Charitable Gift Annuity, a gift vehicle that falls in the category of Planned Giving
  • Community of the Glorious Ascension, a Christian monastic community
  • Compressed Gas Association, the oldest major industrial and medical gas association in the world
  • Connecticut General Assembly, the bicameral legislative body of Connecticut
  • Culver Girls Academy, a college preparatory boarding school and summer camp in the United States
  • United States Coast Guard Academy, the military academy of the United States Coast Guard
  • Consumer Guarantees Act, a 1993 New Zealand law