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CFRNA ("The French-Romanian Company for Air Transport"; ; ), later CIDNA ("The International Air Navigation Company"; ) was a French- Romanian airline, founded on January 1, 1920.

Using French-built Potez aircraft, the company provided passenger, mail and cargo transportation, by air, from Paris to Bucharest, via Strasbourg, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. As such, CFRNA was the first operative transcontinental airline in the history of aviation. The company also made the first passenger international night flight, between Belgrade and Bucharest in 1923. In 1925 CIDNA opened the first domestic Romanian route Bucharest - Galaţi, followed, from 24 June 1926, by an extended service to Iaşi and Chişinău.

In 1930, the Romanian arm adopted the name LARES (Liniile Aeriene Române Exploatate de Stat - State-Run Romanian Air Lines). The company ceased to exist when it became one of the constituting companies of Air France on October 7, 1933.