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CFM may refer to:

  • Cadet Forces Medal, a medal to reward adult volunteers of cadet forces in the UK and New Zealand
  • Capital Fund Management, a French hedge fund
  • Cerebral function monitoring, a technique for monitoring electrical activity in the brain over time
  • Certified Facility Manager, see Professional certification (business)
  • Certified Financial Manager, Institute of Management Accountants
  • Certified Floodplain Manager, Civil Engineering Certification
  • CFM International, a joint venture American and French companies to build a series of jet engines
  • CFM Radio, a radio station broadcasting to parts of Cumbria and Scotland
  • Christian Family Movement, a national movement of small faith groups aimed at promoting Christ-centered marriage and family life.
  • Christian Fellowship Ministries, a church associated with Potter's House Christian Fellowship
  • Circular flow model in economics, also known as the circular flow of income
  • Classification Figure of Merit, a criterion function in the context of Artificial neural networks
  • Connectivity Fault Management, part of IEEE 802.1ag standard, protocols that help administrators debug Ethernet networks
  • Chief federal magistrate
  • Christian Federation of Malaysia, an ecumenical body in Malaysia comprising all types of Christian churches
  • Code Fragment Manager, the native runtime environment for classic Mac OS, which executes Preferred Executable Format files
  • ColdFusion Markup Language, or (lowercase) the filename suffix for CFM scripts
  • Cubic feet per minute, a measure of volumetric flow
  • Code Fragment Manager, part of Manager (Mac OS)
  • Confocal microscopy is an optical imaging technique to image the cornea
  • Crypton Future Media, a Japanese company
CFM (radio)

CFM is an Independent Local Radio station broadcasting to Cumbria and South West Scotland, with transmitters in Carlisle, Penrith and West Cumbria. Its musical output is popular hits of many genres, with the occasional selection of today's hits. The station is owned & operated by Bauer Radio and forms part of Bauer's City 1 network of stations.