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CFIN-FM is a French-language Canadian radio station located in Lac-Etchemin, Quebec.

It broadcasts on 100.5 MHz with an effective radiated power of 9,600 watts ( class B) using an omnidirectional antenna.

The station has a variety format and operates under a community radio licence. CFIN-FM received approval in 1991 and went on the air in 1992. One of their most famous shows was the weekly "Son Noir des Nuits Blanches", mainly a classic-rock show broadcast on Saturday nights from midnight to 2 A.M. from 1993 to 1998.

CFIN-FM operates four rebroadcasters. The most powerful one, CFIN-FM-1, is located in Armagh, and broadcasts on 103.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 1,390 watts ( class A) using an omnidirectional antenna. The other ones all broadcast on 105.5 MHz using a directional antenna with a peak effective radiated power of 50 watts ( class LP); these rebroadcasters are:

  • CFIN-FM-2 in Saint-Malachie,
  • CFIN-FM-3 in Saint-Anselme and
  • CFIN-FM-4 in Saint-Jean-d'Orléans. Their average effective radiated power is respectively 34, 32 and 35 watts.

The call sign CFIN-FM was previously used by an unrelated defunct private station in Coaticook which operated from 1984 to 1987. That station had to close after the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission refused to renew its licence.

CFIN-FM (defunct)

CFIN-FM is a defunct radio station in Coaticook, Quebec Canada.

In 1982, Coaticook FM Inc.'s application for a new FM station was denied. The station reapplied the same year to broadcast at 104.5 MHz ( FM) with power of 710 watts and received CRTC approval in November 1982. The CFIN callsign was assigned in February 1983 and signed on in October later that same year.

CFIN received approval to decrease power from 710 to 450 watts in 1984.

In 1986, the station received a short-term one year licence renewal. The commission denied the renewal application a year later.

On July 4, 1987, CFIN-FM broadcasting at 104.5 MHz with 450 watts left the air for good, due to financial and non-compliance difficulties. Radio CFIN Inc. applied to reopen the station but denied the application in 1988.

The CFIN callsign now belongs to a radio station in Lac-Etchemin, Quebec. The 104.5 MHz frequency would be reallocated to nearby Sherbrooke, in which it would later be used by CJTS-FM; that station would cease operations on December 6, 2011.