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CFI may refer to:

  • Certified Forensic Interviewer
  • CAD Framework Initiative, a standardization organization for CAD systems in the EDA area
  • Campus Front of India, an Indian student organization
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • Canonical Format Indicator, a field in the IEEE 802.1Q protocol
  • Center for Inquiry, a nonprofit organization that encourages inquiry into science and pseudoscience
  • Center for the Intrepid, a rehabilitation facility for injured U.S. military veterans
  • Central Fuel Injection; Ford term for Throttle body injection
  • Certified Flight Instructor (USA)
  • Chief Flying Instructor (UK)
  • Classification of Financial Instruments, see ISO 10962
  • Clothes Free International,an organization of nudists
  • Color flow imaging, a form of medical imaging
  • Colorado Fuel and Iron
  • Common Flash Memory Interface
  • Conservative Friends of Israel
  • Consolidated Film Industries, a film-processing company that developed film for many Hollywood motion pictures
  • Continuous-flow intersection
  • Control-flow integrity
  • Court of First Instance, a trial court, or any of multiple courts so named
  • Coaching foundation india ltd a Coaching Institute for Business Executives
  • Connected Forces Initiative a new initiative of NATO aiming to connect NATO Command and Force Structures as well as NATO nations and its partners through expanded education and training, increased exercises and better use of technology
  • Call Frame Information