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CFFB may refer to:

  • CFFB (AM), a radio station (1230 AM) licensed to Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada
  • CFFB-TV, a former television station (channel 8) licensed to Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

CFFB is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 1230 AM and operates a nested FM rebroadcasting transmitter at 91.1 MHz in Iqaluit, Nunavut. The station broadcasts the programming of the CBC Radio One network, and serves as the regional network centre for Nunavut for the CBC North service.

The local station began broadcasting on February 6, 1961. The "FB" in the callsign stands for Frobisher Bay, which was renamed Iqaluit in 1987. The station currently operates from the CBC Building at the Astro Hill Complex in the centre of Iqaluit.

With the advent of the Anik A series of communications satellites in the 1970s, CFFB was transformed from a local station to the regional production centre for northern CBC stations serving Canada's Eastern Arctic. Satellite distribution and the installation of local radio transmitters in most Eastern Arctic communities in the mid-1970s brought Inuktitut and English radio programs produced in Iqaluit, along with network CBC Radio to most communities in what is now Nunavut.

CBC Radio 2 service is also provided in Iqaluit, broadcast at 88.3 FM with an effective radiated power of 800 watts. It provides a regular Eastern Time feed of the CBC Radio 2 network, with no local program origination. The Radio Two transmitter in Iqaluit is licensed as a rebroadcaster of CBM-FM in Montreal.