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Ceva, the ancient Ceba, is a small Italian town in the province of Cuneo, region of Piedmont, east of Cuneo. It lies on the right bank of the Tanaro on a wedge of land between that river and the Cevetta stream.

Ceva (disambiguation)

Ceva is a town in Piedmont, Italy.

Ceva may also refer to:


  • Francesco Adriano Ceva (15801655), Roman Catholic Cardinal from Savoy
  • Giovanni Ceva (16471734), Italian mathematician
  • Tommaso Ceva (16481737), Italian Jesuit and mathematician, brother of Giovanni


  • 12579 Ceva, asteroid
  • Battle of Ceva, battle fought in 1796 near the Italian town of Ceva
  • Castelnuovo di Ceva, comune (municipality) in the Italian region of Piedmont
  • CEVA Logistics, global logistics company
  • CEVA rail, rail line in the Geneva area of Switzerland
  • CEVA, Inc., semiconductor intellectual property (IP) company
  • Ceva railway station, railway station in the Italian town of Ceva
  • CEVA-X DSP, family of DSP cores marketed by CEVA, Inc.
  • Ceva's theorem, geometrical theorem incorrectly attributed to Giovanni Ceva
  • Marquisate of Ceva, former independent state in Italy centered on the town of Ceva
  • Monte Ceva, hill of the Veneto, Italy