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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Public concern over the popular cetacean has mounted as numbers have rapidly declined.
▪ Sound production and hearing in the Bottle-nosed dolphin had been studied more than those of any other cetacean.
▪ The biggest danger for any stranded cetacean is overheating.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cetacean \Ce*ta"cean\, n. (Zo["o]l.) One of the Cetacea.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1836, from Cetacea, name of the order of marine mammals, + -an. As an adjective from 1839.


a. 1 Pertaining to the zoologic order Cetacea, or associated with species falling under that taxonomic hierarchy. 2 More generally, relating to large aquatic mammals, either directly or by analogy. n. An animal belonging to the order Cetacea, including dolphins, porpoises, and whales.


adj. of or relating to whales and dolphins etc [syn: cetaceous]


n. large aquatic carnivorous mammal with fin-like forelimbs no hind limbs, including: whales; dolphins; porpoises; narwhals [syn: cetacean mammal, blower]

Usage examples of "cetacean".

Since whales were involved, and since in a thousand years no human has harmed one of the Cetacea, we thought that despite the severity of the situation it would be best to have one cetacean inflict an injury on another, if any had to be injured at all.

No wonder the cetacean settlers wanted nothing to do with the local humanity.

She had studied many tapes of cetacean talk, both in the natural state and translated into terranglo.

She held her breath, remembering what she had been told about cetacean sensitivity to interference in their lives.

The hills moved slowly, filling the evening air with explosive hisses and puffs, the exhalations of a colossal cetacean calliope.

Less So Than Was The Loss Of Thousands Of Cetacean Lives To Thy Ancestors.

Would bee a lesser madness then thhan the otherr you say, forr no cetacean can control anotherrrrr.

Cora fiddled with her translator, struggling to bring sense out of cetacean chaos.

Mataroreva told her above the cetacean screams and the noise of great bodies in collision.

Not since thhis worrld was given overr to us has cetacean fought cetacean.

It arose from a different approach to rationality, much as man and cetacean differed.

They conversed in a manner incomprehensible to man or cetacean, conversed in a manner fashioned by darkness, shaped by pressure and isolation.

But just as he was going to strike, the cetacean stole away with a rapidity that could not be estimated at less than thirty miles an hour, and even during our maximum of speed, it bullied the frigate, going round and round it.

But the shot passed some feet above the cetacean, which was half a mile off.

In the long black body, moving between wind and water, did they not see some formidable cetacean that they regarded with suspicion?