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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It could also provide a dead cert for some future Gold Cup.
▪ Of course Carvill's Hill started off a dead cert, yet he limped home badly beaten.
▪ I knew my sons had been saying that of course Mum would cry - it was a dead cert!
▪ No, this was a dead cert.
▪ And I figured that it would be more than a racing cert that it was situated in another alleyway.
▪ I knew my sons had been saying that of course Mum would cry - it was a dead cert!
▪ It could also provide a dead cert for some future Gold Cup.
▪ No, this was a dead cert.
▪ Of course Carvill's Hill started off a dead cert, yet he limped home badly beaten.
▪ One candidate, the outgoing Taoiseach and the then leader of Fine Gael, was a cert.
▪ This combination of cert hit movie and attached hit record proved too much for Hollywood to ignore.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

colloquial abbreviation of certain or certainty, attested from 1889.


acr. Computer Emergency Response Team


n. an absolute certainty; "it's a dead cert"


Cert or CERT may refer to:

  • Certificate (disambiguation), several meanings
  • Certiorari, a Latin legal term for a court order requiring judicial review of a case
    • Certiorari before judgment, a specific form of a writ of certiorari
    • Cert pool, shorthand term for the pool of applicants for a writ of certiorari from the United States Supreme Court
  • Carbon Emission Reduction Target, a United Kingdom government initiative
  • Correctional Emergency Response Team, a team of correction officers
  • Council of Energy Resource Tribes, a consortium of tribes to establish tribal control over natural resources
  • Council of Education, Recruitment and Training Irish hospitality training authority 1963–2003
  • Computer emergency response team, an expert group that handles computer security incidents
    • CERT Coordination Center, the worldwide center for coordinating information about Internet security at Carnegie Mellon University, the first and most well-known CERT
    • United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)
  • CERT Group of Companies, a private education provider in the Middle East
  • Community emergency response team, teams of volunteer emergency responders across the United States
  • Constant extension rate tensile testing, a standard method of testing of materials, also known as slow strain rate testing
  • CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University

Usage examples of "cert".

Fielder said he wouldn't listen, because he thought if he fixed a cert it would be worth a fortune.

I contacted him off-record and he says that he's seen enough of their ops to be able to do a prelim cert but he's not sure he could full cert them for airborne ops.

He doesn't have a problem with them being able to do airborne ops, the cert paperwork is pretty complex, though.

There are actually a couple of ARNG units we could call up for it, but they're out of cert on airborne ops and damned near undeployable or they'd be tasked.

A dead cert. DeadKate's horse, for a pig in a poke, was not as bad as I feared.

Palindrome, the dead cert. What had been done once would be tried again, and somewhere out on the rain-swept racecourse another strand of wire could be waiting.

He had a brown beard, and a curiously 'clean' face, with blue eyes, and he was gazing into the distance in some rapt thought not heeding any of the people, cert. not begging.

I also wondered how you came to have seen and to have remembered the quotation from the Exeter Book Gnomics – which (though I had not thought of it before) does cert. provide a most admirable plea in defence of singing in one's bath.

Her name was Ava Gardner, but it still meant nothing, till people more aware of the world informed me that she was a film-star of some magnitude, and that the press of pressmen and storm of flash-bulbs on the steps of the Schools were not directed at Graves (and cert. not at me) but at her.

Inside were sets of the original share certs, all authenticated by the Imperial Bank and signed over.

He always bought season tickets for the symphony con certs, and he played his violin for women's culture clubs.

Her hand brought out a third of a roll of peppermint Certs, a five-dollar bill, and a second ticket stub.