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a. (context chemistry English) Containing cerium with valence four.


adj. of or relating to or containing cerium especially with valence 4


Cerić is a village in eastern Croatia, located to the northeast of Vinkovci.

During the Croatian War of Independence, Cerić was on the eastern front, and it was occupied by Serbian forces on October 2, 1991, to the detriment of the Croatian civilian population.

Cerić (surname)

Cerić may refer to:

  • Mustafa Cerić (born 1952), Bosnian cleric
  • Tarik Cerić (born 1978), Bosnian footballer

Usage examples of "ceric".

I had seen ancient cairns in the Highlands myself, and found them ceric enough in the broad light of day.

Through his one sound eye, he could see that broad-boned face, set in ceric calm, like a Viking berserker.