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Cera or CERA may refer to:

Usage examples of "cera".

Gwilna dropped to her knees in front of Cera, who looked down at her with disgust.

From their faces, I got the feeling that for Cera profanity was still a treat reserved for special occasions.

The sigh I heaved was outdone in weariness and heaviness by the one I heard Cera exhale as she contemplated this spectacle.

With my back to the parapet, I looked at the two of them--both reading me now, but Cera considerably more puzzled than Aine.

Calli waited with Cera and the horses while Raesa and her brother disappeared into the trees as if they had been absorbed by them.

Instead of insisting that he rest, that she and Cera could do the job, Raesa pulled her own knife, knelt down beside him, and joined him in the task.

It was embarrassingly evident that Raesa and Cera were more than simply friends.

Raesa was off with Cera to hunt some game for dinner, and Calli still had many questions left unanswered.

Neither that, nor the fact that his mother, Raesa and Cera were with him, deterred Calli from her purpose.

She was screaming still when Cera and Mathena burst into the room to discover the source of the terrible sound.

Raesa and Cera shouldered their longbows and prepared their quivers, while the terrible sounds from outside drew Calli to the window, eyes wide, her heart pounding in her breast.

Chapter Forty-six Never before had Cera celebrated the rites of spring with such happy abandon.

He could not see Cera, but he could feel waves of heat radiating from her spirit.

This was the tree Cera now sought, the fabled tree of speed and protection, the tree of summoning and welcoming.

For just one moment he smelled green grass, flowers blooming, felt Cera in his arms.