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The Collaborative International Dictionary

CER \CER\ n. a conditioned emotional response, an emotional response that has been acquired by conditioning. [acronym]

Syn: conditioned emotional response, conditioned emotion.


init. Certified Electronic Recorder

Cer (mountain)

Cer is a mountain in western Serbia, 30 kilometers from Ĺ abac, 100 kilometers west of Belgrade. The highest peak has an elevation of above sea level. Cer is rich in the Turkey oak forests after which it was named.

During World War I, the Battle of Cer was fought on Cer, in which Serbian forces defeated Austria-Hungary.


CER or Cer may refer to any of the following:

Usage examples of "cer".

Gratama has ventured to advance two propositions entirely devoid of proof: "Decem priores tabulas ab ipsis Romanis non esse profectas, tota confirma Decemviratus Historia," et "Hermodorum legum decemviralium ceri nominis auctorem esse, qui eas composuerit suis ordinibus, disposuerit, suaque fecerit auctoritate, ut a decemviris reciperentur.

The centermost sor cerer in the line fell transfixed by a half-dozen Veirtu ar rows.

In taking Aarundel and Marta, the Reithrese sor cerer had made a bold bid for power that could just as easily doom him if it came to naught.

He even wants to chuck his chances as a sor cerer and live an ordinary life.

Accordingly, if a warrior observed the world as a human being, he was looking, but if he observed it as a sor cerer, he was "seeing," and what he was "seeing" had to be properly called the nagual.

The sor cerer gnawed his knuckles and quaked in his chamber while below him the human warriors fought, bled and died.

Julie dealed with not thinking about the brief thing that it was that time and she solved h to cer what he requested to him, but raised the question that distressed it since they left the dormitory.

She threw back her head and laughed: "Well, I got what I came for, cer tainly.