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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 1984; abbreviation of chief executive officer.

CEO (Data General)

CEO Office (Comprehensive Electronic Office) software from Data General was introduced in 1981. It included word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, business graphics and desktop accessories. The software was developed mostly in PL/I on and for the AOS and AOS/VS operating systems.

CEO was considered Office Automation Software. Office Automation software was an attempt to create a " paperless office".

It included a main program known as the Control Program which offered a menu driven interface on the assorted dumb terminals which existed at the time. The Control Program communicated with separate "Services" like the Mail Server, Calendar Server, File Server (for documents). There was also a Word Processor and a data management program which was also accessible from the Control Program. A complementary product, TEO, (Technical Electronic Office) focused on the office automation needs of engineering professionals.

In later years, CEO offerings grew to include various products to connect to CEO from early personal computers. The first such product was called CEO Connection. Later a product named CEO Object Office shipped which repackaged HP NewWave (an object oriented graphical interface).

CEO code was heavily dependent on the INFOS II database. When Data General moved from the Eclipse MV platform to the AViiON, CEO was not ported to the new platform as the cost would have been prohibitive.

CEO was often compared with IBM's offering commonly called PROFS. IBM attempted to license CEO from Data General. When Data General refused to license CEO, IBM created PROFS.

Ceo (musician)

CEO (first stylised as ceo, now as "CEO") is the solo project of Eric Berglund, previously a member of the Swedish electronic music duo The Tough Alliance and CEO of the independent label Sincerely Yours.

CEO (disambiguation)

CEO is a chief executive officer, the highest-ranking corporate officers (executives) or administrators in an organisation.

CEO or ceo may also refer to:

  • ceo (musician), the solo project of Eric Berglund
  • CEO (Data General), or Comprehensive Electronic Office, an early form of office automation software from Data General
  • Center for Equal Opportunity, an American conservative think tank
  • Corporate Europe Observatory, a non-profit research and campaign group which seeks to expose any effects of corporate lobbying on EU policy making
  • Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, a student organization for professionals that publishes the Study Breaks Magazine
  • Waco Kungo Airport, Angola (IATA code)
  • Civil enforcement officer, a person employed to enforce parking, traffic and other restrictions and laws in England and Wales
  • Civilian enforcement officer, employees or authorised officers of Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service and are responsible for enforcing magistrates court orders

Usage examples of "ceo".

On the contrary, the hackers of this conference were mostly well-to-do Californian high-tech CEOs, consultants, journalists and entrepreneurs.

Phthia and made his home in Ceos, and gathered together the Parrhasian people who are of the lineage of Lycaon, and he built a great altar to Zeus Icmaeus, and duly offered sacrifices upon the mountains to that star Sirius, and to Zeus son of Cronos himself.

Bayley had heard corporate CEOs and high-level government administrators speak like that, getting straight to the point as if business was all that mattered and personalities were irrelevant.

And he went by Cythnus, and by Ceos, and the pleasant Cyclades to Attica.

I’ve got meetings scheduled with four CEOs tomorrow—Merck, Schering Plough, Lilly, Bristol-Myers,” he said.

As commander of the Mitsuki Tactical Unit, he had objected strenuously when his Global CEOs told him they were going to turn the abduction of the man from Shadow World over to a band of mercenaries led by a former Marine Corps sergeant.