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Crossword clues for centres


n. (plural of centre English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: centre)


''' Centrès ''' is a commune in the Aveyron department in southern France.

Usage examples of "centres".

It was one of the centres of the slave trade before its abolition, like Zanzibar and Mozambique Island.

Formative Mind and so we are more readily attuned to those people with whom we are attached or associated, for the intertwining of our destinies is written into the mind centres of all concerned.

His footsteps were followed when he went abroad, his conversations with others in the baths, which formed the great centres of meeting, and stood to the Romans in the place of modern clubs, were listened to and noted.

He centres by the Danube-bank at Ulm, A town well-walled, and firm for leaning on To intercept the French in their advance From the Black Forest toward the Russian troops Approaching from the east.

A trip to some northern working town with mills not yet converted to heritage interpretation centres or graphic arts studios?

Event Horizon had several research centres in the country, he knew, as well as its main clinic at Liezen.

A first-class cabin to themselves, day trips to resort centres, the eager buzz of third-class passengers on their way to a new life on homesteads springing up behind the retreating permafrost.

The security service of the Soviet Union has been assiduous, dedicated, in its investigations - in all parts of the Soviet Union and the territories of our Warsaw Pact allies - into possible centres of discontent and subversion -' He looked at each man in turn.

There are five such centres, one related to each of the five tattwas, with a sixth 'controlling' centre - the eye centre.