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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
cellular phone
▪ But off premises, the pocket phone operates as an ordinary cellular phone.
▪ Many of those who initially looked at the handyphone were disappointed because they thought it was the same as a cellular phone.
▪ Pop open a briefcase or peek in a backpack and you may see a sleek cellular phone.
▪ The average monthly bill per customer is declining as the industry woos newcomers who want a cellular phone mainly for emergencies.
▪ Their strategy was overheard on a police scanner that was able to intercept cellular phone transmissions.
cellular phone

n. 1 A mobile phone using ''cellular'' technology. 2 (context informal English) A mobile phone using any technology (such as PCS).

cellular phone

n. a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections (cells), each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver [syn: cellular telephone, cellphone, cell, mobile phone]

Usage examples of "cellular phone".

From now on, if you have any sensitive calls to make, don't use your office phone, your cellular phone, or your phone at home.

Pete kept the cellular phone pressed to his ear as he moved quickly across the room and grabbed the shoulder of a startled supervisor.

I lost my cellular phone last night when I was chasing the killer.

Next to him on the seat was his cellular phone, should he need it.

The quality of the connection told him that she was using a cellular phone, open to anyone who cared enough to eavesdrop.

When the killer had gone in to get his cellular phone, he evidently had known exactly where to find it and hadn't needed to turn on a light.

Finally he took out the killer's cellular phone along with the three empty shell casings from Buchanan's semiautomatic - he'd picked them up as he left the house - and threw them toward where the gun had splashed.

It was actually the local SAC, a very senior agent who'd been running his own office over a cellular phone.

Herbert had been unable to find the van, so he'd pulled over on a side street and used his cellular phone to call Op-Center.

A buzz on his cellular phone from the NSA people at the embassy confirmed that the inbound aircraft was on final, a fact further verified by the arrival of some official-looking cars.