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celestial bodies

n. (plural of celestial body English)

Usage examples of "celestial bodies".

Because the vacuum can be either interstitial, that is, between one body and another in our sublunar world, or else extended, beyond the universe that we see, closed by the great sphere of the celestial bodies.

He was especially delighted with the deductions of the French scientist Joseph Louis Lagrange, who, with the simple mathematics available to him in 1780, had deduced that when one massive object orbited another, five points developed in remote space at which very small celestial bodies could find refuge and remain stable despite the pull of the larger bodies.

Accordingly also all things corporeal, whether they be interior as are the powers and knowledge acquired through the inner bodily functions, or exterior as are sickness and health, are dispensed by the celestial bodies, through the mediation of Angels.

The conical object is shown reaching toward three celestial bodies.

Which is a way of saying that love obeys the same laws that govern both sublunary and celestial bodies, save that, of these laws it is the most noble manifestation.

Radio astronomers use the dish to analyze the natural radio energy emitted by galaxies, pulsars, and other celestial bodies as far as ten million light-years away.

The celestial bodies, as they were informed by a divine spirit, might be considered as the objects the most worthy of religious worship.

Early astronomers diligently recorded the motions of celestial bodies, looking for changes that might signal coming destruction and the end of the current age.

As the celestial bodies move, they weave threads of power out of the aether depending on the angle and confluence of their relationship each to the other.

A few hours later, the somewhat chastened scientist admitted that he had also found two bottles of elemental fluorine, used to power the lasers which could zap passing celestial bodies at thousand-kilometre ranges for spectrographic sampling.