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init. 1 Central European Initiative (see Wikipedia:Central European Initiative) 2 Cycle Engineers' Institute, one of three screw thread standards contributing to the Whitworth threads standards set (see Wikipedia:British Standard Whitworth)


CEI may refer to:

  • Central European Initiative
  • Commission électrotechnique internationale, an international standards organisation dealing with electrical, electronic and related technologies
  • Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad
  • Clinical and Experimental Immunology, an academic journal published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the British Society for Immunology
  • Common Electrical Interface, a hardware interoperability agreement defined by the Optical Internetworking Forum
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian think-tank
  • Council of Engineering Institutions, formed in 1965 in the UK, which became the Engineering Council in 1981
  • Coupled ENSO Index, an alternate index to Multivariate ENSO index
  • Cycle Engineers' Institute, a screw thread pattern (see British Standard Whitworth, which includes information on topic)
  • IATA code for Mae Fah Luang International Airport, Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • Italian Episcopal Conference, in Italian Conferenza Episcopale Italiana
  • Cupertino Electric Incorporated, an electrical engineering company in California
  • Creative Engineering, Inc.

Usage examples of "cei".

Except for Cei and two menservants he had glimpsed, there appeared no others here.

Cei was also quickly jealous of any Arthur chose to favour, so with Cei on guard Merlin could go more light of heart to accomplish his own part of what they would do.

It was in the morning of the next day that the Queen, together with Cei and Modred, pushed into the chamber.

Modred interrupted with an arrogance that acted on Cei as a goad urged an ox to labour.

That Cei gave the orders herethat either meant Arthur still played his role or Merlin tried to list the factors which might have gone wrong with their plan.

Then he mounted the inner stairs of the palace to a balcony room where Cei stood by the outer window frowning out at the ramparts.

If Cei had tried to stop him he would have struck the younger man down, for Merlin carried an icy fear which armed him doubly.

Though Cei seldom showed his feelings outwardly Merlin knew that the tie between him and his foster brother ran deep and clear.

Though both Cei and Bleheris listened and this was not meant for the ears of common men, he began to chant.

Since his recovery the King had refused to listen to Cei and the others who had pressed him for the instant pursuit of Modred and Guenevere.

It is, as you have pointed out, Cei, well that we move to the playing of them now.

The forces had indeed split, and it was true that many of the great lords, perhaps through jealousy as Cei had foreseen, were either holding aloof from taking sides or had openly joined Modred.

Then with Arthur to the fore, Merlin and Cei shoulder-to-shoulder behind him, they moved on down to the stones.

Merlin sensed the stiffening of Cei, knew that it was only with difficulty that the other must be restraining his growing rage at such an insult to the King.

So Cei was gone, even as Ector had gone before him, Merlin thought wearily.