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Cedre SARL (till 1979 registered as Société Seve-Cedre) was a French manufacturer of small cars, powered by electricity and fueled using batteries. The business was established in 1975, a year after the presentation, by François Guerbet, of his first prototype at a small town called Montesquieu-Volvestre, some fifteen kilomteres south of Toulouse.

Cedre was an acronym standing for Centre d’Études pour la Développement et la Réussite des Entreprises. The Cedre entity formed in 1975 was not a conventional commercial business but a "not-for-profit" ecologically focused entity, its non-commercial status being defined under the terms of a statute which dated from 1901.

Production ended in 1987.

Usage examples of "cedre".

The demoiselle Meelair was not content but that we should leap the Rapide des Cedres in canoe.