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vb. (en-third-person singular of: cede)

Usage examples of "cedes".

House Cedes will receive shipment within the standard week and you'll receive payment shortly after.

Neither house, the delivering Rodians nor the consuming Cedes, were bound to be pleased when this very expensive commodity was scattered along the hyperspace lane.

Maybe I'll pass on your whereabouts to Houses Rodian and Cedes, I'm sure they'd be intrigued enough to pay a visit.

He, in turn, spoke to several assistants, who, donning latex gloves, care-fully removed the corpse from the hood of the white Mercedes and laid it on a gurney.

He'll retain the throne as regent the instant he hears the news, and demand a full investigation before he cedes it.

The dour and incommunicative Duvari cedes not even the most paltry of rumors to the mage-born.

Mario cedes me full control over the phone's ringer and answering machine, since he has trouble holding the receiver and the only messages he ever gets are In-House ones from the Moms.