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Ceder may refer to:

  • Ralph Ceder (1898 - 1951), American film director and writer
  • Ulf Ceder (born 1974), Finnish darts player
  • Jurgen Ceder, Belgian politician and a member of the Vlaams Belang
  • Dayna Ceder, American actress

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Usage examples of "ceder".

Cette insistance fit ceder les hesitations du capitaine: --Mardi, dit-il, je serai a Puyoo a 3 heures 55.

Corysandre avait commence par se revolter devant cette exigence, puis elle avait fini par ceder aux raisons de sa mere.

His chest brushed her arm again, and she took a deep breath through her nose and wondered if his cologne was a combination of ceder and neroli or something else altogether.

Temí ceder a la tentación de mostrarles ese milagro atroz que socavaba la ciencia de los hombres.