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Cedarvale or Cedar Vale may refer to:

  • Cedar Vale, Queensland, a locality in Australia
  • Cedarvale, British Columbia
  • Cedarvale, Toronto, Ontario, a neighbourhood
United States of America
  • Cedarvale (Hillsboro, Montana), listed on the NRHP in Montana
  • Cedarvale, Texas
  • Cedarvale Winery, a winery in New Jersey
  • Cedar Vale, Kansas
Cedarvale (Hillsboro, Montana)

Cedarvale, also known as Hillsboro Ranch, was a dude ranch and working ranch in Carbon County, southern Montana, United States. The ranch was established about 1903 by prospector Grosvener W. Barry on the South Fork Trail Creek. Barry used the ranch as a home for his family and as a base for his mining ventures, all of which failed. His most lucrative venture was the conversion of Cedarvale from a working ranch to a dude ranch, marketed through an arrangement with the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. It was the first dude ranch in the area. Barry introduced powered boats to the Bighorn River to carry dudes to the ranch from the railhead at Kane, Wyoming. As a publicity stunt Barry, his stepson and a neighbor piloted the motorized Edith from the Hillsboro landing down the Bighorn, Yellowstone, Missouri and Mississippi rivers, leaving on May 31, 1913 and arriving in New Orleans on August 1. One of Barry's boats, the Hillmont, is on display at Barry's Landing.