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n. A diminutive of the female given name (term: Cecily).

Usage examples of "cecie".

There came Rachael's godchild Cecie, the tour-year-old daughter of Philadelphia friends, running into the room and into Rachael's arms.

Rachael had brought her godchild a quite expensive set of pastel crayons and a large drawing pad with stiff white paper, it was Rachael's custom to bring Cecie a present when she visited, however frequently, or infrequently, she visited, and of course the child had grown to expect it, but what could you do?

Each time Thea tried to turn the conversation onto a serious subject, Rachael fussed and laughed over Cecie who was intent upon showing off, hovering about the adult women like a hummingbird, both shy and aggressive, fingers jammed into her mouth.

So Thea was excluded, and Rachael went with Cecie into Cecie's room and the two sat at Cecie's little table, Cecie eagerly drawing with the new pastel crayons, chattering rapidly, and Rachael praised her skill at drawing (were these gorgeously colored zigzag figures animals?

A powerful sense of deja vu swept over her as if the little girl were herself, or Rachael was herself Cecie, and had lived through this interlude, and would live through it again, and again.

Rachael was moaning "Cecie, oh Cecie, my God" even as the little girl whimpered and squirmed away from her, and her mother hurried into the room to intervene.