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Usage examples of "cecht".

Neither of the men of Erin nor of the men of the world do I know it, unless it be the trio that Mac cecht brought out of the land of the Fomorians by dint of duels.

The Mac cecht strikes off the head of one of the two men who were beheading Conaire.

Then Mac cecht departed into Connaught, to his own country, that he might work his cure in Mag Brengair.

Dian Cecht was still in there, and Nicca's body was strong enough to tear through walls.

Others of the Tuatha De Danaan were there, Eochy Mac Elathan the Dagda Mor, Dove Berg the Fiery, Gas Corrach, Coll the Sun, Cecht the Plow, Mac Greina the Hazel, and many more, high in fame.

Behind him, the passage echoed to the wheels of the chariots of Lugh, Dove Berg, Angus Og, Eochy, Coll, Cecht, Mac Greina, Mananaan, the whole host of the Sidhe, to hoofs of horses and running feet.

He is a shadowy figure, known as Nuada Argatlam, Nuada of the Silver Hand, after the first battle of Moytura in which he lost a hand subsequently replaced by one of silver by Dian Cecht, the leech of the Tuatha.