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Usage examples of "cec".

So Cec is not a whore, or if she is, a most unusual one to sell her teeth for five pound once, and not her body, which is a time and time again commodity.

Her latest run had been that day, while Cec had screamed and weltered with his cruel hands in her mouth, and Milady had lain silent, white-faced and stoical, waiting for the plugging in of her new teeth.

In the first two hours after their escape they had made good progress on the way to London, un pursued Every now and then, Deb had led into a covert and sat Cec down on a log or stone, and pushed herself through the thickest to observe the road and listen.

Then boots appeared before her, and strong hands and arms lifted Cec clear into the air, water cascading from her dress and legs.

It had been given to the men who helped her and Cec to London, in payment for their kindness.

Then she rang the bell for the minions and went downstairs to see if Bert and Cec had arrived to carry the luggage.

His mate Cec, lanky and blonde, stood guarding a dreadful van at the foot of the steps.

Bert and Cec clumped down the stairs to accept cups and perch themselves on the over-stuffed chairs.

Bert and Cec, then drove to Carlton to drop it into their boarding-house.

She wondered what Bert would do when Cec got married at the end of the year, and decided that he would manage.

There would be no separating Bert and Cec this side of the death which they had so often faced together.

Bert and Cec, I have several things which I would like you to do, for the usual rates.

Jim escorted him to the house and watched with admiration as Cec walked straight up to the front door and banged the knocker, loud.

Her face reminded Cec of a boarding-house pudding with currants for eyes.

Ellis took Cec into her kitchen, where an electric heater warmed the room.