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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cease \Cease\ (s[=e]s), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Ceased (s[=e]st); p. pr. & vb. n. Ceasing.] [OE. cessen, cesen, F. cesser, fr. L. cessare, v. intensive fr. cedere to withdraw. See Cede, and cf. Cessation.]

  1. To come to an end; to stop; to leave off or give over; to desist; as, the noise ceased. ``To cease from strife.''
    --Prov. xx. 3.

  2. To be wanting; to fail; to pass away.

    The poor shall never cease out of the land.
    --Deut. xv. 11.

    Syn: To intermit; desist; stop; abstain; quit; discontinue; refrain; leave off; pause; end.


n. a cessation vb. (present participle of cease English)

Usage examples of "ceasing".

Thank God, the ceasing of telling things has made no difference between us.

But, however considerable might be the volume of water contained in the lake, it must eventually be absorbed, because it was not replenished, while the stream of lava, fed from an inexhaustible source, rolled on without ceasing new waves of incandescent matter.

And Masonry cannot cease to labor in the cause of social progress, without ceasing to be true to itself, without ceasing to be Masonry.

Soul, considered as a fragment of the Universal Mind, might be said to have lapsed from its pre-eminence when parted from its source, and ceasing to form part of integral perfection.

Templars under a veil, and therefore the Degree was proscribed, and, ceasing to be worked, became a mere brief and formal ceremony, under another name.

State still a member of the Union, or whether it did, however wrongfully, carry the State out of the Union as claimed by those engaged in the Rebellion, was one of the purely abstract political questions concerning which men will argue without ceasing,--reaching no conclusion because there is no conclusion to be reached.

Soul takes up false notions through having gone outside of its own truth by ceasing to be purely itself.

But, at this, sight, never ceasing to see, will also be continuous and in time.

Why not bisect the unity, Motion, and so make Action and Passion two species of the one thing, ceasing to consider Action and Passion as two genera?

The fan continued operating without ceasing, throbbing away, never shutting down.

Now amendment for an offense committed against anyone is not made by merely ceasing to offend, but it is necessary to make some kind of compensation, which obtains in offenses committed against another, just as retribution does, only that compensation is on the part of the offender, as when he makes satisfaction, whereas retribution is on the part of the person offended against.

His height had increased to more than seven feet, and showed no signs of ceasing its development.

Joe Slater grows cold and rigid, and the coarse brains are ceasing to vibrate as I wish.

But Malone had at first told the specialists much more, ceasing only when he saw that utter incredulity was his portion.