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n. A state in north-eastern Brazil, having Fortaleza as its capital.


Ceará (, locally in Ceará or Northeast Region, Brazil the pronunciation is ) is one of the 27 states of Brazil, located in the northeastern part of the country, on the Atlantic coast. It is the eighth-largest Brazilian State by population and the 17th by area. It is also one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil. The state capital is the city of Fortaleza, the country's fourth most populous city.

Literally, the name Ceará means "sings the jandaia". According to José de Alencar, one of the most important writers of Brazil and an authority in Tupi Guaraní, Ceará means turquoise or green waters. There are also theories that the state name would derive from Siriará, a reference to the crabs from the seashore.

The state is best known for its extensive coastline, with of sand. There are also mountains and valleys producing tropical fruits. To the south, on the border of Paraíba, Pernambuco and Piauí, is the National Forest of Araripe.

Ceará (footballer)

Marcos Venâncio de Albuquerque (born 16 June 1980 in Crato), commonly known as Ceará, is a Brazilian right wingback.

Ceará (disambiguation)

Ceará is a state in Brazil. It may also refer to: