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init. cyclin-dependent kinase

CDK (programming library)

CDK is a library written in C that provides a collection of widgets for text user interfaces (TUI) development. The widgets wrap ncurses functionality to make writing full screen curses programs faster. Perl and Python bindings are also available.

There are two versions of the library. It was originally written by Mike Glover, introduced as version 4.6 in comp.sources.unix. The other version was extended beginning in May 1999 by Thomas Dickey.


CDK may refer to:

  • The IATA airport code for George T. Lewis Airport, Cedar Key, Florida, United States.
  • CDK Systems Ltd, (formerly CDK Electronics) a specialist in refrigeration control and monitoring system.
  • CalmDownKidder Records, a netlabel specialising in chiptune music
  • Centre for the Study of Democracy and Culture, a Czech think-tank
  • Chemistry Development Kit, an open source chemical expert system for Chemoinformatics and Bioinformatics, written in Java
  • Chung Do Kwan, founded in 1944, the first of nine schools teaching what came to be known as Taekwondo
  • Complete knock down, a production technique, often used in automotive industry
  • Curses Development Kit, one of two open source distributions of the Curses widgets library
  • Cyclin-dependent kinase, a major class of enzymes involved in the regulation of the cell cycle
  • Content Development Kit, packages for allowing content providers to develop applications on a certain platform
  • Chronic kidney disease, a progressive loss of renal function of the kidney.