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CDES (University of Limoges)

The CDES (The Centre of the Law and Economics of Sport) is an educational centre linked with Limoges University. It was created by François Alaphilippe and Jean-Pierre Karaquillo in 1978.

Over 500 students get their degrees in various sports activities (sports marketing, lawyers and sponsors, etc.). It became over time the main French educational centre regarding jobs in sports authorities (Federation, Leagues, Clubs).

Many famous retired sports persons attended some courses to move on to new careers, such as: Laurent Blanc, Marc Lièvremont, Philippe Blain, Jean-Marc Lhermet, Pierre Dreossi, Stéphane Ostrowski, Emmanuel Petit, Christophe Dominici, Fabien Pelous, Zinédine Zidane, Olivier Dacourt, Éric Carrière, Jean-Baptiste Rué.

The building is located rue de Genève in Limoges (west of the city), close to the faculty of sciences.