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CDB can refer to:

In music:

  • CDB (band), an Australian band
  • Charlie Daniels Band, the band of American musician Charlie Daniels
  • Chris de Burgh, a British-Irish singer-songwriter

In organizations:

  • Caribbean Development Bank, an international financial institution
  • China Development Bank, a Chinese financial institution
  • Cyprus Development Bank, a financial institution in Cyprus
  • Community development bank, a type of bank in the United States
  • Cleveland Daily Banner, a Tennessee newspaper
  • Congested Districts Board (disambiguation), in particular
    • Congested Districts Board for Ireland
    • Congested Districts Board (Scotland)
  • Council of Docked Breeds, a dog-breeding related non-profit organization

In science and technology:

  • Constant Data Base, see cdb (software), a database engine
  • Command Data Buffer, a data transfer method
  • Common Data Bus for the Tomasulo algorithm used for scheduling computer instructions
  • SCSI CDB (Command Descriptor Block), used when issuing commands to SCSI devices

In other:

  • CDB!, a children's book by William Steig
  • CDB-4124, a biochemical agent
  • Cold Bay Airport, an airport that has IATA airport code CDB
  • Crim Dell bridge at the College of William & Mary
  • Draft Communications Data Bill, a draft legislation in the United Kingdom
  • Clarks Desert Boot, a chukka boot made by C. & J. Clark
Cdb (software)

cdb, short for "constant database", refers to both a library and data format created by Daniel J. Bernstein. cdb acts as an on-disk associative array, mapping keys to values, and allows multiple values to be stored for a single key. A constant database allows for only two operations: creation and reading. Both operations are designed to be very fast and highly reliable. Since the database does not change while it is in use, multiple processes can access a single database without locking. Additionally, since all modifications are actually the creation of a replacement database, it can take advantage of UNIX filesystem semantics to provide a guarantee of reliability.

Record positions, key and value lengths, and hash values are 32-bit quantities, stored in 4 bytes. Thus a cdb must fit into 4 gigabytes. cdb is used by djbdns, fastforward, mess822, qmail and ucspi-tcp to provide highly efficient, reliable, and simple data access.

CDB (band)

CDB were an Australian R&B, dance and vocal harmony quartet formed in 1991 with Andrew De Silva, Brad Pinto and his brother Gary Pinto, as well as Danny Williams. Their highest charting single was a cover version of Earth, Wind & Fire's " Let's Groove" (October 1995), which peaked at number two on the ARIA Singles Chart and number one on the New Zealand Singles Chart. Other top 20 singles in Australia are "Hook Me Up" (November 1994) and "Hey Girl (This Is Our Time)" (March 1995) – the latter also reached number one in New Zealand. Their debut studio album, Glide with Me (November 1995) reached number six on the ARIA Albums Chart and number 12 in New Zealand. In 1997 De Silva was replaced by Jude Nicholas, so he could receive treatment for his cancer. The group's second studio album, Lifted (November 1997) reached the top 50. CDB disbanded in 1999.