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n. 1 (context electronics English) a 80-mm (3-inch) CD (compact disc) 2 (context music English) a 3-inch CD single


CD3 or CD-3 may be:

  • CD3 (immunology), an antigen, cluster of differentiation protein (immunology), part of the T cell receptor (TCR) complex on a mature T lymphocyte
  • Cost of delay (CD3 Prioritisation), an approach for scheduling work through a scarce resource that maximises Return on Investment. (CD3 = CDx3 from Cost of Delay Divided by Duration).
  • Ford CD3 platform
  • MediaMax CD-3, copy protection scheme
  • MiniCD, a 3-inch CD
    • 3-inch CD single
  • Color Developing Agent 3, the color developer for E-6 process
CD3 (immunology)

In immunology, the CD3 ( cluster of differentiation 3) T-cell co-receptor helps to activate the cytotoxic T-Cell. It consists of a protein complex and is composed of four distinct chains. In mammals, the complex contains a CD3γ chain, a CD3δ chain, and two CD3ε chains. These chains associate with a molecule known as the T-cell receptor (TCR) and the ζ-chain (zeta-chain) to generate an activation signal in T lymphocytes. The TCR, ζ-chain, and CD3 molecules together constitute the TCR complex.