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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cd \Cd\ n.

  1. the chemical suymbol for cadmium, a metallic element of atomic number 48.

    Syn: cadmium.

  2. the abbreviation for the candela, the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the System International d'Unites. [abbr.]

    Syn: candle, candela, standard candle.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1979 as an abbreviation of compact disc as a system of information storage.


n. (context astronomy English) a type of giant elliptical galaxy


adj. being one hundred more than three hundred [syn: four hundred, 400]

CD (disambiguation)

A CD or compact disc is a thin plastic silvery disc for audio recordings.

CD or cd may also refer to:

Cd (command)

The cd command, also known as chdir (change directory), is a command-line OS shell command used to change the current working directory in operating systems such as Unix, DOS, OS/2, AmigaOS (where if a bare path is given, cd is implied), Windows, and Linux. It is also available for use in shell scripts and batch files. The system call that affects the command in most operating systems is chdir that is defined by POSIX.

Usage examples of "cd".

Jamal returned toting a boom box and a mountain of CDs, a green trash bag filled with clothes, and his balaphon in its case.

And he knew enough people on the manufacturing and distribution side to get his tapes and CDs to the Great British Public without having to rely on the major distributors and shops if his bands were banned on taste grounds.

Cross-dressing is but one of the many forms of human sexual expression, and, as with any other form, there exist CDs with maladaptive behavior.

I want to present the stories of two CDs who exhibit maladaptive sexual behavior.

Vinaver, two other cds, the Menshevik Bobrovsky, a Socialist Revolutionary, and one nonparty minister.

While the srs and sds had to reject the unsafe and barely democratic conditions of the October Manifesto and the moderate Octobrists were content to work within its terms, the CDs tried to do both at once: to work with the Manifesto, in the sense of accepting a Duma very limited in its franchise and powers, and to insist at the same time that the Duma as at present constituted was wholly unsatisfactory and needed to be supplanted.

Minni worshipped the CD, before taking it from her mother, and placed it on the CD drive most reverently, as if making a pooja, and worshipped it again.

At the apex of the pyramid dwell those full-time CDs who have elected to have sexual reassignment surgery.

Your give-away CDs are available on sweetshop counters, packaged with cartoons and the faces of football stars.

Eighty percent of teens watch music videos, and they buy billions of music CDs.

CDs would have been simply moderate liberals, but in tsarist Russia their confidence that they were backed by both moral right and public opinion and their determination to establish a new system of government despite the wishes of those who held power made them radical reformers.

Holy Work with pamphlets, books, CDs, documentaries, and recorded samplers of the Billy Fairchild Crusade.

Tom could pick up the CDs when he came round tomorrow to finalise things and present his account.

Range Rovers from Britain, any drugs you want, they hand-make copies of any kind of gun in the world, gold-plated Purdey shotguns, Kalashnikovs, M16s, pirated Snoop, Doggy Dog CDs, all this next to the most beautiful, timeless, local handicrafts, rugs, lamps.

There were tens of thousands of tourists, swarming from the maze of shops to pick their way between scores of vendors selling old and new clothes, bootleg CDs, cheap silver jewelry, kilims, feather boas, handcuffs, cell phones, mass-produced furniture and puppets from Indonesia, Morocco, Guyana, Wales.