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CCX may mean:

  • Chicago Climate Exchange.
  • Con-Way Central Express, one of two original Con-Way regional less-than-truckload freight carriers
  • .CCX, the file extension used for Campaign Cartographers symbol libraries.
  • Cisco Compatible EXtensions specification for 802.11 wireless LAN chip manufacturers.
  • Koenigsegg CCX sports car.
  • CargoConnect, a service provided by BT which allows forwarders and shippers to check the status of air cargo consignments.
  • Cat's Corner Exchange, a swing dance lindy and blues exchange in Montreal, Canada.
  • CCX The number 210 in Roman numerals
  • The year 210 (CCX years)
  • CCX, the coal mining company that is controlled by the Brazilian conglomerate, EBX Group. It operates greenfield coal mining facilities in Colombia.