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n. 1 (initialism of casualty clearing station English) 2 Carbon Capture and Storage. A theoretical technology for reducing CO2 emissions at point of production.


CCS may refer to:

CCS (gene)

Copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase is a metalloprotein that is responsible for the delivery of Cu to superoxide dismutase ( SOD1). CCS is a 54kDa protein that present in mammals and most eukaryotes including yeast. The structure of CCS is composed of three distinct domains that are necessary for its function. Although CCS is important for many organisms, there are CCS independent pathways for SOD1, and many species lack CCS all together, such as C. elegans. In humans the protein is encoded by the CCS gene.

Usage examples of "ccs".

This time he got the canula in and administered a full bag of Ringers lactate, and while it was flowing he added ten ccs of glucose solution to it.

She was cursing Kelso for giving away the CCS investigation when her pager buzzed on her hip.

She found the second like it taken at the Christmas party, and then, two pages later, a third that had been taken at a CCS barbeque that Kelso had thrown on the Fourth of July.

Tackwood disclosed that CCS agents — approximately 125 of whom were agent provocateurs — were sponsored by federal intelligence agencies.

And so help me, if you're tinselling me I'll come back here with fifty ccs of real Stiff and feed you the lot, unstepped.