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init. chief communications officer


CCO or cco may refer to:

Organizational positions:

  • Chief commercial officer, the executive responsible for commercial strategy and development
  • Chief compliance officer, the executive responsible for compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Chief communications officer, the executive responsible for communications, public relations and/or public affairs
  • Chief content officer, the executive responsible for content in broadcasting
  • Chief creative officer, the executive responsible for the creative team of a company
  • Chief cultural officer, executive responsible for specific marketing and branding initiatives
  • Chief customer officer, the executive responsible for the total relationship with customers
  • Chief channel officer, the executive responsible for indirect revenue with a partner within an organization
  • Chief country officer, the executive responsible for the entirety of an organization's business in a specific country
  • Chief cloud officer, the executive responsible for the cloud computing engineering, backends and infrastructure
  • Chief curriculum officer, the executive responsible for the content, design, and facilitation of curriculum
  • Civilian communications officer, a position in the Central Communications Command of London's Metropolitan Police Service
  • Call centre operator


  • Cancer Care Ontario, the provincial agency responsible for improvement of cancer services in Ontario, Canada
  • Career Colleges Ontario, a non-profit that provides services to career colleges in Ontario, Canada
  • Catholic Christian Outreach, a Catholic campus ministry organization in Canadian universities
  • Cayuga Chamber Orchestra, an orchestra based in Ithaca, USA
  • Center for Contemporary Opera, an opera company based in New York City, USA
  • Chandigarh Comets, a hockey team in Chandigarh, India
  • City Centre Offices, an English/German record label for electronic music
  • Clear Channel Outdoor, an international outdoor advertising corporation
  • Coalition for Christian Outreach, a Christian campus ministry organization in American colleges
  • Council-controlled organisation, a local government trading organisation in New Zealand
  • Royal Canadian College of Organists (formerly the Canadian College of Organists)


  • Cataloging Cultural Objects, a metadata standard developed by the Visual Resources Association
  • Combined cardiac output
  • Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio Railway, owned by Clinchfield Railroad
  • Newnan-Coweta County Airport in Coweta County, Georgia, United States
  • M68 Close Combat Optic, the Aimpoint CompM2 red dot gunsight
  • cco, the ISO 639-3 code for the Comaltepec Chinantec language
  • Conservative Central Office, now the Conservative Campaign Headquarters, the headquarters of the British Conservative Party
  • Constitutive role of communication in organizations, a theory describing the interaction of members of an organization