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init. cholecystokinin.


CCK may refer to:

  • Chiang Ching-kuo, the former President of the Republic of China, who proposed the Ten Major Construction Projects called "Taiwan Economic Miracle"
  • Ching Chuan Kang Air Base, an air base used by the Republic of China Air Force in Taichung, Taiwan
  • Chama Cha Kijamii, a political party in Tanzania
  • Choa Chu Kang, a suburban town in Singapore
  • Complementary code keying, a modulation technique used in IEEE 802.11b
  • Cholecystokinin, a digestive hormone
  • Client Customization Kit, a set of tools to aid in distributing customized Mozilla clients
  • the Cocos Islands' ISO 3166-1 3-letter country code
  • Communications Commission of Kenya
  • Candy Coated Killahz a Canadian hip-hop/electronic music group.
  • Chris Kanyon (1970–2010), a professional wrestler, also known as Chris "Campaign" Kanyon and shortened to CCK
  • Composite candidate key, a candidate key comprising more than one field
  • Campbell's Creek Railroad
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands Airport, with IATA code CCK