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alt. One hundred cubic feet: used as a unit of measurement of volume. n. One hundred cubic feet: used as a unit of measurement of volume.


CCF can refer to:

  • Cambodian Children's Fund, charity organisation
  • Canadian Car and Foundry, a Canadian manufacturer of rail cars and buses
  • Carcassonne Salvaza Airport's IATA airport code
  • Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, a former programming block from Cartoon Network
  • Centum cubic feet (100 cubic feet), an American standard unit of measurement for the volume of water or natural gas, sometimes capitalized as "Ccf" (from the Roman numeral for 100, C; see also Therm)
  • Center for Consumer Freedom, a food industry advocacy group
  • The Cheesecake Factory, an American restaurant chain
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund, an NGO based in Namibia responsible for conservation of Cheetahs
  • China Carbon Forum, a non-profit organization promoting climate change stakeholder dialogue
  • Chinese Communist Forces, Cold War term for the Chinese People's Liberation Army
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship, a non-denominational evangelical Christian church based in the Philippines
  • Christian Children's Fund, charity organization now known as ChildFund
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation, a health care provider
  • College of Central Florida, a college in Ocala, Florida, United States
  • Combined Cadet Force, youth organisation in the United Kingdom
  • Common cause failure, a failure of multiple electronic or computer-based systems because of one specific event or reason
  • Common contractual fund, an Irish collective investment scheme
  • Congestive cardiac failure
  • Congress for Cultural Freedom, an anti-communist advocacy group
  • Conservative Christian Fellowship, an organisation allied with the British Conservative Party
  • Conservative Collegiate Forum, the United Kingdom Conservative party's student organisation from 1986 to 1998
  • Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, historic Canadian political party
  • Crédit Commercial de France, a defunct French bank, now part of HSBC
  • Customer Care Framework, a Microsoft product
  • Cyprus Cycling Federation, a Cypriot bicycling organization