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init. ''Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary''


The three letter acronym CCE has multiple meanings, including:


Usage examples of "cce".

Cee Cce asked looking at Nina's choices for school clothes, I'LL BE TtlERE 47"does an eight-year-old kid want to dress like a forty-year-oldwoman ?

Nina had stopped after readingthat paragraph aloud to Cce Cec and asked, "I)o you think Pigletwrote 'Help Piglet' and then signed the note The'?

People who always said, "You were brilliant, Cee Cce," even when she knew she wasn't.

Sometimes thereason was her certainty the kid would never go for it, wouldn't wantto change her name, and would never really think of Cee Cee as aparent no matter what Cce Cee did, so the idca of going through aceremony to get a piece of paper saying she was the parent seemedfalse and unnecessary.