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a. (context military English) (initialism of lang=en chemical, biological, nuclear) (alternative form of lang=en NBC) n. (context organic chemistry English) (abbreviation of lang=en cannabinol)


CBN may refer to:


CBN is a clear-channel radio station broadcasting at 640 kHz ( AM) from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and is the local Radio One station of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. CBN broadcasts with 10,000 watts, unlike most other clear-channel, Class A stations, which broadcast with 50,000 watts. Per international agreement ( NARBA), CBN is grandfathered at 10 kW and Class I-B (later renamed Class A, after the 1981 Rio de Janeiro agreement), whereas the dominant station on this frequency throughout the Americas is KFI Los Angeles, which operates with 50 kW and Class I-A (Class A, after "Rio").

CBN (Australian TV station)

CBN is an Australian television station licensed to, and serving the regions surrounding Orange and Dubbo in central western New South Wales.