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init. (context Internet English) Can't Be fuck; can't be bothered.


CBF may refer to:

In airlines:

  • Council Bluffs Municipal Airport ( IATA: CBF)
  • China Northern Airlines's ICAO designator

In sport and games:

  • Brazilian Football Confederation(Confederação Brasileira de Futebol), national governing body for football (soccer) in Brazil
  • Canadian Bridge Federation, the governing body for contract bridge in Canada
  • Chess Base Format - A format for storing Chess Games. Used by ChessBase.
  • China Bandy Federation, the governing body for bandy in China

In medicine:


  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation - the largest U.S. regional conservation organization dedicated to the restoration and protection of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers.
  • Community Broadcasting Foundation - a funding organisation in Australia
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Other uses:

  • CBF-FM, the Première Chaîne radio station in Montreal, Quebec (formerly CBF when it was on the AM band)
  • CBFX-FM, the Espace musique radio station in Montreal, Quebec, which was formerly known as CBF-FM
  • Commander of British Forces Commendation
  • Honda CBF series - A series of motorcycles.
  • C-Repeat Binding Factor
  • A popular internet acronym, which stands for 'Can't be Fucked'
  • A Nevermore song.
  • Central Bureau on Fundraising