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Caz may refer to:

  • Caz!, a Dutch commercial radio station
  • Conservative Alliance of Zimbabwe, a former political party from Zimbabwe
  • Caz the Rabbit, a character from the Spellsinger series
  • Cazenovia, New York a town in New York state
  • Cazenovia (village), New York, a village in the Town of Cazenovia
  • CAZ, IATA code for Cobar Airport
  • 24354 Caz, a main-belt minor planet

In nicknames:

  • Grandmaster Caz, American DJ and rapper
  • Camille Cazedessus Jr., American editor and publisher
  • Caz the Clash, former guitarist with the band HorrorPops
  • Richard Cazeau, co-host of The Adrenaline Project
  • Caz Walton, British Paralympic athlete and team manager

Usage examples of "caz".

My first impression of Caz de Floon was businessman, well groomed, hands that he used constantly while speaking.

Bill but heard myself tell Johnny it was all right to follow Caz de Floon only minutes after that shithead shot Gee-Gee and Old Vertue.

The next thing I knew, Caz de Floon had a new pistol in his hand and was pointing it at me.

We stopped to rest and then Caz started giving me details about his project.

I was playing a caz of an authentic field recording of a real damn cat.

And, exactly like Caz Cooper one year before her, Shirley Hubbard was never seen again after she boarded the bus in Worcester on a November evening.